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Painting on Canvas
I am only a pigment,
a line,
a stroke,
in the grand scheme of things.
But you are the light
that touches,
that highlights
and contrasts the dark.
You are the subject,
the context,
the background story
of the masterpiece itself.
I am only the medium
that is used
to paint your brilliance.
Cover me.
Spill the colors.
Until I am filled
with brilliance
and wonder.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 2 0
It's time
It's time to bring to light
the problems we tried so hard to hide
It's time to admit to the wrongs
and to remember the rights
and it's time for the regretters
to stop regretting
and for the haters
to stop hating
"It's a dangerous place out there"
they said
but it's only dangerous
because we made it to be
We filled society with ideals
things they need to be
bringing people to their weakest state
And we try
we try to rid of our ways
but not enough
Not enough
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 3 11
Come back to me
It hurts when I see a picture of you
because a picture isn't enough
it can't contain your beauty
not an ounce of what you're worth
Videos are better,
they show you living
the way you were
the way you stared at me
as you whispered our 'always'
how the quiet
never seemed so loud
how my heart hurt
every time I thought of you
I wish I can paint you,
the way you appear to me
so you can see your beauty
and all you're worth
If only I could bring the stars together
and spell your name
so everyone would know
how much you mean to me
To have you with me for one more day
To hear your voice
see the tears in your eyes
the way you were when you were alive
I would give anything
to have you in my arms again
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 0 2
I sometimes feel like I've picked the wrong path.
Like I should have taken a right
instead of a left
or I should have went forward
instead of back
One by one,
these regrets start piling up.
And keep piling
until I can no longer breathe
no longer see
till all I see
is darkness
with no company of the moon
to shine down on me
I no longer know
how to rid these regrets
deep inside of me
I know only to keep them hidden
in a place where no one can reach.
One by one,
these regrets start piling up.
And keep piling
until I can no longer breathe
no longer see,
till all I see
is darkness
with no company of the moon
to shine down on me
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I'll take it away
The horrors that begin to form
it's not something I would ignore
It's hidden in the dark
hidden in you
Hidden somewhere I would never think is true.
Cause you see
we're one in the same
we're all afraid of things
we can't explain
let's take this
one step at time
and see where it'll take us
further down the line
I'm fighting a war
that I'll never win
So take me apart
before I turn to shreds
Cause you're knocking me down
and spitting me out
Calling me names
why is this now?
Cause you're afraid
I'll take it away
from you
I can't see my way out
I'm fading out
It's what you're doing to me
I can't even breathe
The current is pulling me in
dragging me further down
to the floor
I don't know anymore
so bring on the noise
before I rip myself apart
Cause you're knocking me down
and spitting me out
Calling me names
why is this now?
Cause you're afraid
I'll take it away
from you
I'll take it all away
from you
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 0 0
I feel lost
that the ground has swallowed me up
leaving nothing
but a shell.
There's a ringing in my ear
a noise I cannot place.
What is it that you want?
I want it to stop
I want this to stop
I want to close my eyes
and feel the darkness take over.
I'm too tired
too tired to fight
to fight back and win
so I'll just lay back
and let it take over.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 2 0
The rain..
The rain is pouring
and all I hear
is your voice
telling me,
the words I've been waiting for.
all this time.
I want to run to you.
Run and pick you up
and cover you in kisses
but nothing will bring us closer than this
I just hope this is enough
you in my arms
our hair stuck to our faces
the rain running down our cheeks.
Careful not to break you.
I bring you in.
"When your heart releases,
you won't fall to pieces."
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A letter left behind
Dear my beloved,
Remember that night we spent,
gazing at the stars?
We walked by the park,
took a ride down the stream,
without a care.
The clock struck twelve,
the flowers bloomed
the kisses began.
The sun is coming.
You left me behind
Left with these feelings
with nowhere to go
A crash
and a burn
I wish I made you stay
but fate took control
and now I'm alone.
Dear you,
why did you leave?
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 2 0
My heart starts to break
from the advice you give
and that's all that takes
for this heart to break
for these tears to start
I want to find the strength
to tell you the things I've been hiding inside
but it's somewhere down deep,
in a place I can no longer reach.
But I want you to understand,
I want to trust you as much as you trust me
I want to have the strength to say the things I've wanted to say.
The strength to tell you everything's going to be okay.
because it is
because it will
I hope one day I can find the strength to say
all the things I've wanted to say
When I say you standing there,
I couldn't help it.
I teared up.
because I didn't know what else to do
because I didn't know what to do
I tried my best to blinked away the tears
It wasn't until you said
to not let the past control your present
that I bawled.
Because that statement is true for me
the past controls my present
because I can't let things go
because I'm scared
I'm so scared of what might happen
what will happen
I ho
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There in the dark.
The darkest of nights,
with only a light
to show you the way.
There on the street,
lays a boy with his feet,
twisted in such a weird way
There's blood on the floor,
let me show you the door
so you can go on your way
There's nothing to see here
That's not you over there
so go home and go away.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 0 0
Everybody sees the ants.
The ants appear,
talking to me
"you're nothing"
"Why are you here?"
They crawl over me,
going inside,
until I'm infested
where is the tide
to bring me back home?
They're in the corner of my vision.
No one sees.
No one sees the ants.
No one but me.
Am I crazy?
Is this wrong?
"Yes, you're crazy,
come sing along."
Do you hear the words inside your head?
filling you with dread.
I can't be the only one
with the ants.
Because everyone,
sees the ants.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 2 2
Money makes the world go round
That's all they see.
The things they want,
the things they need.
They goals start to blur
as they sign the deed
to the devil
the greed takes over
their family starts to fade
as the storm starts to hover
the thunder strikes
destruction starts
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 1 0
The dead live on
The dead live on,
through who?
Through you.
There is nothing
they cannot do.
The goals you have.
The words you speak.
That is death,
at its peak.
They're hidden in books.
They speak in whispers.
You are just bait on a hook
bringing in what they want.
Getting what they worked for, through you
Their dream.
That's all they wanted.
All they talked about.
But what about your dream?
Will you achieve it on your own
Or will the cycle continue on...?
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 0 0
change isn't always good.
It's strange how change
can be good or bad
because either way
it's all you had
the person you are
the person you will be
they are all the same
you can never flee
from the destiny
the fate you've arrived.
just don't start taunting
the people by your side
don't give me all this bullshit
that you're being 'real'
that's not an excuse to hurt someone
that was not the deal.
i know we have those bad times
and the times you hate the world
but don't send the hate to the people
who gave you
the center of their world.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 1 0
The world is filled with killers.
It's true, if only you knew.
How many times someone wished to kill you.
They will wish with all their might.
Maybe skinned you alive in their mind.
But you won't know.
You'll never know.
You'll never know
what they think
behind their fake smiles
and eyes that don't blink
The world is filled with killers,
it's true, i know.
I am one of those killers.
Killing someone I know.
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 0 0
Is it too much to ask?
Sometimes I wake up and wish with all my heart
that I was never born
into this world.
A world consumed by greed
people acting the same
judging the same.
I wished that I was a character in a book.
Something that lived within a dream.
I wanted to be someone more.
Something better than this world of greed.
I wanted this world to be greater then it is.
Is that too much to ask?
To not kill?
To not wish for people to die?
To feel compassionate about other people's situations?
To care?
To not cheat?
To not lie?
To not do any bad things?
Is that too much to ask?
:iconmendystar1:mendystar1 2 0

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Currently, I have a week off from school so hopefully I have more time to post up some poems. Not going to lie here but.. I haven't written any new poems. I'm so sorry!! I'll try my best this week!! I might not have time because I'm going to go work at my co-op placement. Hopefully I can earn more money and get to go to more concerts. >.<

I have to apply for university soon, and that means... I have to draw more!! I have to submit a portfolio with my application so I need to get inspired.. and soon! I'll probably read my old poems and hopefully cry over some happy memories.

I recently watched Captain America and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I would never watch Benjamin Button but I did because my school band is playing it. It's really good. It teaches you so many life lessons. I really loved it. Hopefully I can write several poems from the emotions from that movie.

And I created a flickr account to put some of my photos in! I'm still adding photos so it's kinda plain.
Here it is!…
I also have Formspring.
Basically, everything I have will have the same username so if you want to talk to me on those, just message me / tweet me! I'm mostly on twitter though. :)

And I created a new youtube account because I accidentally deleted it.. but I will not reveal it for family reasons. haha.

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